Democracy vs. Liberty

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the talking hairdos and empty suits in the main stream media’s punditry class broke into a sweat with a collective case of the vapors. Sizing up Trump as the Prince of Perdition, their reporting better resembled a Nostradamus vision of the Apocalypse than coverage of the Constitutional transfer of power.

Newspapers bemoaned the loss of democracy; tweeters insisted the sand glass of liberty was running out; and a cabal of cable bloviators pounced on their token conservative demanding an accounting for the impending loss of both democracy and liberty.

Then there was the million-woman Seinfeld Sista’ Snit March (a television production about . . .well, nothing). From ladies dressed as vaginas, to Ashley Judd reading from her therapist’s notebook, to the crotch-grabbing Madonna carpet F-bombing about the White House dream she shared with Mohamed Atta, the signs, slogans and songs showed a shocking confusion about the difference between democracy and liberty.

The chasm of meaning between democracy and liberty is wider than a lunar crater. With that in mind, there may be more Constitutional illiteracies forming in the coming months as the new president makes good on his campaign promises. So as a public service, here’s how you can arm yourself to help others tell the difference.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote.

Just saying.



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