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Donald Trump — A True Vulcan

“In an insane world, it is the sane man who must appear insane.” — Commander Spock,  USS Enterprise NCC-1701 “Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?”  — New York Times Feb. 17, 2017 Trump cheats. Doesn’t he realize when … Continue reading

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Democracy vs. Liberty

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the talking hairdos and empty suits in the main stream media’s punditry class broke into a sweat with a collective case of the vapors. Sizing up Trump as the Prince of Perdition, their … Continue reading

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The 2016 Quo Vadis? Satan’s Stool Sample Award Goes to . . .

It’s here. You waited all year, the excitement building, the anticipation nearing fever pitch, the speculation non-stop.  Who is the winner of this year’s The Quo Vadis? Satan’s Stool Sample Award, a recognition of a person so obnoxious, so vile, … Continue reading

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Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Carlos Danger and Senator Scumbag

A quarter-century from now, on the first Monday in March, school children will have the day off.  Mail will not be delivered.  Banks will be closed. Washington, D.C. will be a ghost town. The first Monday in March will be … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan at 75: Like a Rolling Gall Stone

Once upon a time, you dress so fine. You wrote the songs that rhyme in your prime. Didn’t you?

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And That’s the Way It Wasn’t

I’m bummed that I’m going to miss the AmCham Palooza Party on October 23. This of course is the stellar, multimillion-dollar shindig sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and held at the Hotel Equitorial in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh … Continue reading

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