Aquinas Deplorable

In the 1930’s, my uncle, Father Michael Nardone, was among a small group of priests newly arrived from Italy establishing a seminary in Maryland. One night, the Klu Klux Klan came looking for them and set fire to a cross on the seminary lawn.  Somehow amid the chaos and torching he managed to escape the hangman’s noose, a turn of fate for which he credited the Blessed Mother Mary.

Three quarters of a century later, my family history is relevant for our times as we learn from WikiLeaks the anti-Catholic bigotry that still exists and permeates the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Proof of this is in the email exchanges among John Podesta, the man now running the Clinton campaign, Jennifer Palmieri, the campaign’s communications director, and John Halpin, a longtime official with the Center for American Progress, a pro-abortion “progressive think tank” founded by Mr. Podesta.

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Quo Vadis?

Many believe in the virtue of taxation.  Inexplicably they often justify this insanity by pointing to St. Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus opines about taxation giving it his blessing by saying, “ . . . Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s . . .”  To those I offer this powerful refute from the Christ himself.  It is recorded in the little-known Gnostic text called “Acts of Peter” (Vercelli translation) where Jesus appears to Peter in Rome and clearly articulates what he truly meant. Continue reading

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WWJT: What Would Jesus Tweet?

I’m a survivor of the Catholic education system.  Not one of those short-timers sentenced to a year or two in grammar school; no, I was a lifer, all in – grammar, high school, university (Seton Hall).  Through all the Catechism, plodding through the writings of Thomas Merton, St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and a convention others whose tomes haunt my dreams, I always wondered why the Jesus chose to begin life as an itinerant woodworker in the most backwater place in the Roman Empire.

How different, how stress-free and bloodless his impact would be had he lived today and used social media to spread his Gospel rather than depend on the second-hand recounts of followers’ followers or the foggy recollections of an elderly St. John.  What if, instead, the Son of God chose to speak, on a global scale, directly to every living person on earth with whom he had friended or linked?

What would Jesus tweet?

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New York Isn’t New Nuremburg

A week ago, you would have thought that every time the Yankees win a home game we should expect the stadium public address system blast the recording of Frank Sinatra singing, “New York, New York Uber Alles.”

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Lois Lerner Named Winner of the 2014 Satan’s Stool Sample Award

She led the effort by the IRS to violate nine of the 10 protections in the Bill of Rights for Tea Party organizations and conservative groups. (I guess she feels quartering British troops is OK.)

Then her name kept popping up in memos with instructions to the IRS’s Cincinnati team on how to stall and thwart applications by these groups for non-profit status with bewildering requests for more information.  (“Please provide the Third Grade report cards for everyone in your group, as well as everyone in the county where you reside, highlighting their recorded grades for Penmanship.  The same for their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.”)

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More on Obamacare: No Canadians Need Apply

There is wailing in Windsor, tears in Toronto, sobbing in Saskatchewan and mourning in Montreal.

Canadians are waking up to the realization that they are the targets of an insidious program of discrimination – blatant anti-Canuckism – that is the heart of Obamacare.

For years, smart Canadians, disgusted with waiting times to see their doctors and receiving the same level of health care technology practiced by the Iroquois on Jacques Cartier, fled to the United States for advanced medical treatments.  The acknowledged cause of this annual therapeutic exodus has been the result of Canada’s feeble government-controlled health care system.

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Handshakes at the Wall

Gettysburg, PA   November 23, 2013

It was the kind of Fall afternoon on the farms and orchards of Southern Pennsylvania that brought out the genius in artists like Andrew Wyeth — The azure sky painted with strokes of cirro-stratus and a 45-degree sun that threw tape-measure shadows on the stub of each scythed stalk of corn and wheat along expanse of the hallowed battlefield.

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